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Three Poems by Brian Komei Dempster



No turning back. Deep in the Utah desert now, having left one home
      to return to the temple of my grandfather. I press the pedal
            hard. Long behind me, civilization’s last sign—

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by Stephen Berg


When I think of it now I still see just how ugly and dirty the place was, what a bare unprotected monk-like life it was that year, living first in the old tire warehouse on the outskirts of town, no toilet or sink, no furniture, nothing except two ratty mattresses, fruit crates…

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Three Poems by Sam Sax



i watch him touch him self over a screen
and pretend it is with my hands

how you pull a quiver from an arrow.

he moans and i grow jealous of the satellites.

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Maps by Patrick Lawler


“Who was it who decided on where Tallahassee should be?” Toby asks questions, and we laugh a lot. Stupid things really. But it makes you think, and it helps to pass the time. He takes the money when people pump their gas, and I do most of the other things, like brake jobs, tires, and shocks. Mostly minor repairs, quick jobs that get a good price for the boss.

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Three Poems by Collier Nogues



I know forgetting myself is a good thing, the best loss.
The trees look soft in the fog’s distance, egg-colored light
all over them. Even the sheep,   
         The earth dries in ribs the rain has drawn on it.

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Between the Lines: An Interview with Wesley Rothman


   In this installment of “Between the Lines” we talk with Issue 5 contributor Wesley Rothman about poetic process, the creative relationships between different art forms, and poetry’s place in contemporary culture.

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Story About a Woman I Used to Know by Jozefina Cutura


Milena always reminded me of a backdrop to a bleak landscape, a woman unlikely to arouse much conscious consideration, though she hovered around like an uncertain but inescapable future punishment. She popped in and out of our lives at random, insignificant moments. There was, for instance, that typically drab October afternoon in Frankfurt.

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Three Poems by Melissa Ginsburg



Not being stupid
I took what was offered: the job
was waiting and I did it
with sand and mirrors, in glitter
while I paced. I waited, I fell
in love with waiting …

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Take Four: An Interview with Joseph Haske


In this installment of “Take Four,” we speak with Issue 4 contributor Joseph D. Haske about narrative structure, blood feuds, drinking, and the pleasures of writing in and about Michigan’s U.P.

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Four Way Books Author Events

Join us for readings by Tina Chang, Brian Komei Dempster, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Rob Schlegel, and C. Dale Young.

See the full schedule

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Sarah Gorham’s Bad Daughter

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Farrah Field’s Wolf and Pilot

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