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THREE POEMS by Jenny George


This is how a child dies:
little by little. His breath
curdles. His hands
soften, apricots heavy on their branches.

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ARTWORK by Wendy Goldberg

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TWO POEMS by Marlin M. Jenkins



When the pastor spits
while sputtering any
variation of God’s name.

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TWO POEMS by Tyree Daye


My cousin kept me and his little brother saved me from our uncle’s pit bull, then spent seven years in prison for his set. Every other word he said was blood.

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ARTWORK by John Oualline

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CITIZEN by Tariq al Haydar


Enter the ministry through the main gate (not the women’s entrance), on Olaya Street: Memorize the number on your ID card (#1072049285). Vote in the municipal elections, , so that the world may see you and celebrate the act

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HURT MUSIC by Melissa Cundieff-Pexa

The bell’s emptied space has no name. I would like to call it my never-born. I’m there and the metal clapper and bowl are asleep. My never-born is awake, very quiet. I don’t want to reach for him. I don’t want to fall from the rope’s fray or draw nothing from the naming. I call, […]

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RAINY RIVER by Eric Lloyd Blix

They park fifty feet from shore, Nichols and his daughter, despite her quiet protests.
“The river hasn’t changed,” he says, sipping Hamm’s, the last can of four he brought for the road. “It looks the god damn same.”

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TWO POEMS by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams

LETTER IN EXCHANGE FOR Painting all the spines of the books blue, for example. Tasting me so absolutely as to know the monsoon of my sickness. Licking my lips clean of disturbance while hunting for the trees I want at every window, that wanton green. What if, in reciprocation, you gave me every song you […]

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TWO POEMS by Leslie Harrison

[No. 118] How snow and distance equal absence the page untouched the page a white blankness the way ink recedes from these cold vistas its absence a kind of reverence how the moon is also an absence untouched as if he knew it was beyond mere wood mere blade how burdened the humans are in […]

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Begin with a savage cry,                                                         a spray of cardinals             gouting gorgeous             from gut to tonsil,                                                         from a boy’s lips, glossed in crimson & fire—                                                         teen angst dashed by             bat wings, mouthfuls             of graveyard sugar,                                                         bruise shine & stars— in leather & choke chain,                                                         a boy can separate into             curses a man will one day             remember […]

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MISSION CREEP by Jeffrey Morgan

How a groove is a prayer for a needle and a hollow is a prayer for birds, how music fills a space and makes you aware of emptiness, somewhere my brother is not where my brother is supposed to be. I tell the sky how and the sky replies in sunlight on the river meaning […]

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