YES, I’M A WITCH by Damian Rogers

/ / Issue 1, Poetry

For Yoko Ono

I dreamed there was a storm.
When it cleared the sky said here

is a half glass of water
to see the seasons through.

When I was a little girl Mother
said I could be anything.
I said a rabbit.

White hare running             through white air.

Stand at the stove and heat milk.
Dream of white rabbits dancing
on white chairs in white snow.

Say yes to sleeping in a see-through dress.
Yes to a pair of scissors for the people
who cut holes in my clothes.
I’ll sit here and watch you do it.

I looked up at the night
and saw the moon.
I said Are you cold?
Do you need a blanket?
Oh no, she said. No, no, no.

When I woke up there was a mountain
and I was a cloud floating beside her.

How do we get back down?

Iron your mind out
like a clean white bedsheet.
Hang it on a clothesline.

Call it the sky.


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