MAP (4) by Ye Chun

/ / Issue 1, Poetry, Series

4. Shenzhen

Streetlamps imitate stars.
Stains on a hotel ceiling imitate mountains, boats and ruins.
…either do great good or great evil,
the journalist, 23, says. We walk
along the low brick wall into a park. A palm tree
stops us and deepens the ocher of our faces.
A stone bridge shapes an ellipse with its shadow. We
don’t have much to do so we press each other’s body.
Is a compass a moon bringing a finger to its lips?


A mosquito net

with a crimson mosquito

A roach crawls beneath the net

onto her right leg

My leg feels odd

she says

It’s broken

her algebra teacher says

It’s broken

her chief-editor says

It’s broken

the legless beggar says

It’s broken

the manager of Human Resources says

It’s broken

her snoring lover says

On the wall a map

of cherries and water paths


Ye Chun’s “MAP”, continued…

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