MAP (5) by Ye Chun

/ / Issue 1, Poetry, Series

5. Lhasa

Seeds tier in a pomegranate.
Sweat beads convex-mirror corners of a night.
You pick up a piece of coal from roadside,
wrap it in a blue and green checked handkerchief
and give it to me: What makes you feel warm?
In the Himalayas, a snow leopard
spins gold in early morning. I tie a prayer flag
to a balloon and let go. Its little feet step through clouds
and rain falls on the white stupas, the hind-scalps
of prostrating pilgrims who say: om mani padme hum, om
mani padme hum, om mani padme hum…


(Skullcup of Buddha)

presides over

twenty-five deities

two hands

holding his consort


four hands

his skullcup


ceremonial staff

and drum

In the dancer’s pose


he stands on a corpse

supported by a lotus


Ye Chun’s “MAP”, continued…

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