MAP (3) by Ye Chun

/ / Issue 1, Poetry, Series

3. Zhongzhou, Luoyang

This area is between brown and purple.
All the apartment buildings look the same.
I need to lie down, call out
your name to one of the black-barred
windows. In the most crowded market,
my classmate is selling embroidered pillowcases and lingerie.
If you appear, I’ll make you look at me balancing
the sick little invisible animal
on my head. I love the sweet numbness of dusk—
we glow before vanishing.

Lay out the grid

of roads and wards:

Align the northern part

of the western wall

the middle stretch

of the eastern wall

and a road that comes

in Gate VII

turns west

and heads south

nearly reaching

the course of the Luo

Align the other roads

the southern part

of the western wall

most of the northern stretch

and the surviving part

at the southern end

of the eastern wall


Ye Chun’s “MAP”, continued…

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