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HOW I by Melissa Stein

Stupidly. Like a dog, like drought flood, like a vole the hawk lifts screaming to its first and last panoramic. Each want sired want and I was drowning in it— but kept my head just enough above the choking to choke more. A dog, I said, or rat pressing lever unto death. May we all […]

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LAMBING by George Kalamaras

Time was too long each winter. Each spring
death clung to our tongue. Just below
it milled failure and success: lambing seasons
that arrived to survive, the job
that finally paid, the art of making love
even when we felt less than whole…

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THREE POEMS by Caroline M. Mar

it lay there, flopping, fish-out-of-water
and my heart trembled on the curb
the usual fisherman’s talesa woman onlooker upset,

that’s animal cruelty
flapping in air, fingers hooked
to its spiracles as its mouth gaped and shut

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TWO POEMS by Brian Tierney


The letters in the cabinet I carved for a girl who gave me the sea
in bits glass bits frosted white near the vase under shadows that lifted
from the portrait each evening at five sometimes seven by the East-
facing window swaddled baby oil painting one eye peeled white like a blister…

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Salt heavy—my oxen skin overrun & ringing
Sunday plum—bodies whetted & sold in the East—
fruits without flowers—the winter prostitute
steel plowed—tender how she glows
as the ocean would have me losing ear & piece—
passage through veil—each tooth in place for feast…

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FIVE POEMS by Rachel Brownson


The slow mineral seep and drip
of groundwater, finding each crevice,
the cold spreading, downward—
the imagined weight of her breast,
spreading to fill my hand…

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If there’s one thing nobody wants,
it’s a mare lame in both fronts.
You pinch the fetlock
arteries for the digital pulse.
You pack the shod hooves
with turpentine and sugar
to draw the soreness…

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EXHIBIT by Leah Falk

Israel Museum
The history of glass, the story of coins—
both long tales of fire and trade.
A little girl flickers away from her mother’s
tour group to rub the mummies. Lo 
lichtzot, you can’t cross
back that far.

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LETTING EVENING COME ON by Joshua Gottlieb-Miller

Seventeen, in a constant state
of non-emergency. Walking with my dog,
I’d invite neighborhood girls to join me.
During the day we would follow the trail
through the woods. At night, skirt
along the road by the edge of the forest…

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STICK AND POKE TATTOO by Lucian Mattison

He sets a black chess
rook aflame
in a ceramic bowl
stirs ashes with vodka
into homemade tattoo ink…

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it’s almost noon
and she’s still in bed with a headache
everything expands
the bedroom bursts with light an electrical storm rages
in the quiet space of her skull…

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ALMANAC by Brian Simoneau

April sets us on the scent of summer, opens up a trail
but it’s covered in mud. Buds on the branches but also mold
begins to stain the plaster walls. Patter of rainfall lulls me,
pulls me under after a week awake, weightless as I watch
the minutes flicker…

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