THE KING OF LOWMANSVILLE by Christopher Prewitt

/ / Issue 3, Poetry

Peasant stars hanged from wires
above their king, my brother,
sleeping in his crib.
Out of silver trim

and a nail gun,
the church made for him
a crown of thorns
for the Easter pageant.

We liked to play dress up.
He would play a cow
and I, a butcher.

At Easter I was the cross.


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Cecily Brooke, “The King of Lowmansville.” (Original Drawing)

Christopher Prewitt solicited this original drawing by Cecily Brooke to accompany his poem.  The poet explains: “I like that Brooke has attempted to capture every moment in the poem in this illustration, and I selected this illustration because it evokes the sadness and the strangeness of the world of the poems in the Lowmansville collection. There is something to the fact that the King is examining his pageant crown of thorns, and I am especially fond of the features of the cow costume, particularly the eyes.”