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in this poem one sec for Pearl Vision
and an optometrist who looks exactly
like an uncle who died two years ago.
He’s saying quick puff of air and hot air
balloon in the distance   look through
here    see it      see it now?   and now?
But this, this is the good part: He asks
out of the blue, out of thin, thin air—
Do you still read books? I’ve never
laid eyes on this man before. I just
moved here. Still like pond water. Like—
wait—lift the moratorium on deer too, 
one brief moment—still like the ears 
of the mother and her fawn behind 
the privacy fence. It’s only been two
years. Of course I read books. Still.
How much time has passed in his nebula 
of wings? I say yes. Yes, I read. And 
get this: He smiles. He smiles and nods 
and adjusts the lenses in the phoropter.  
Since my lease is one year, and I won’t 
ever return for my follow-up, I ask him 
if he’s happy, if where he is now is 
better. He chuckles but stays behind 
the machine: Tell me which one is less
blurry. A or B. A or B.   Here.     Or here.