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Or a rebuttal to KM playing the Dozens


hair slicked in let’s jam & pulled into ponytail 
flesh soaked in sun even in winter’s frozen stare 
you shadow of a body 
All we see is your teeth when you smile 
you backdrop to everyone’s flashy gold wrist
you glistening black 
blackity black black 
turn to the brightest light of you 
and see more black 
black turned over and still black 
hair so coarse they can’t miss the black 
your black so absent they say you a peculiar ghost
ancestors laughing at your blackity black ass 
How you so black you disappear black
did you wish your black was the palm side of your hand black 
a black worth looking at twice black 
you born after the my black is beautiful blacks
black born in the year of erasing blacks 
black like the forest get black 
black like a black that welcomes a star’s gentle glare 
black and more black 
You ever see a black so black black