THE BEETLES by Dan Albergotti

/ / Issue 20

               There are an estimated 560 million beetles for every human on Earth

All you need is love, little guy, shiny
beetle, tiny god nestled in your green
carapace. You mirror back my love, you
don’t let me down as you crawl all over
every little thing on this planet, all
four hundred thousand of your known species.
Good morning, good morning! Every dawn you’re 
here, there, and everywhere. When I see you,
I feel fine knowing you’re oblivious,
just doing your beetle things. Even when
kicked around by human feet, you dears just
let it be, just carry on, go nowhere
man can reach. And would you believe that I
need you, bug, more than any human soul?
Oh! Darling, it’s true. So let me watch you
pace along this sidewalk. Here comes the sun
quietly rising. If in its shine or
rain, I’ll just kneel here transfixed. Because there’s
something in the way you move that makes the
two of us one world not found across the
universe, what Donne called an everywhere.
Voracious little thing, eat up my time.
What else do I need but you, you nearly
xenomorphic gem? Human life is so
yesterday. I believe in you. I’m your 
zealot—your hysterical, screaming fan.