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If you know nothing else about Kim Kardashian,
you know that she is an actual woman, a physical body:

5 feet 2 inches, 130 pounds, 38-26-42, 34D

Kim Kardashian is queen of her self-made kingdom
Kim Kardashian’s Entire Body Is Naked in These Paper Photos

Kim Kardashian’s Body Evolution
Is Kim Kardashian ashamed of her body? | Watch the video

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Waist Training Like Kim
and her already infamous body-ody-ody

Kim Kardashian has basically made a career
                         out of her bodacious curves—

Why your post-baby body isn’t like Kim Kardashian’s

If you believe in God, you might be one of those people
who thinks that Kim Kardashian’s body is evidence
of his existence

Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was 20 Pounds Thinner in 2009
I got so huge & it felt like someone had taken over my body.

Amazon.com: Kim Kardashian Signature Body Mist for Women
Honeysuckle, Jacaranda Wood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Orange Blossom, Musk

Kim Kardashian Reckons Her Pregnancy
Forget the Ass, Kim Kardashian Goes Full Frontal

Opinion | Kim Kardashian, there’s another way

And Now, Let’s Let Tina Fey Have the Last Word on Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Didn’t Always Love Her Body
Kim Kardashian Says She Used to Pray




“Hurry. What matters is to be inside the prayer of your body.”
                                                                             Sandra Cisneros

The story wants to devour a girl. Her hands,
two groping accidents that forget
to cover her face. All will recognize
her face, but for now here is the room
she grew up in—

here are her favorite books. Open the blinds.

The sun will strip her body apart. Unbuckle
the spine from its latches, legs
wide, wider & asking what is holy?

So the camera goes & the girl knows no one
will ever love her again. The breasts make

a seam with the body, which casts
an unfamiliar light. It isn’t vanity
that eats her alive & the room
echoes that tell-tale. She wants it

says the forsythia on the blanket, reaching their bright
yellow tongues toward her knees.

We’re losing her say the dresses. I can’t watch, the mirror.
It’s cold in here her heart says as she switches
positions on the mattress which cries

she used to use this bed for sleep.





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