PRAYER TO ST. MARTHA by Leah Silvieus

Late August the galley blooms

             fruit flies, smoke-winged & garnet-eyed, circling the soft caves


of over-sweet summer fruit: pear & blueberry, clingstone

                                      peach. Each night I pray resurrection


but am deceived. Faith is not feast

                       but desire, not beauty of the table but what drags us starving


                                      there –  what was buried inside

                       the sweetness, inside


the plum’s bruised heart: larvae, pearling. Saint dear

             of my difficult hunger:


                       cloy me

                                                    mote me


             rise me up





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About Leah Silvieus

Leah Silvieus
Leah Silvieus was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was raised in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. She holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Miami and currently divides her time between Florida and New York where she works in the yacht hospitality industry. You can visit her here.