THREE POEMS by avery r. young

new testament


in temple


mudda:              boy!!!!!!!

                             gonna make my hair fall

                             worryin if yo life
                             still on dis side
                             of groun(d)

                             us been three day(s)
                             lookin fo u

                             u in herr
                             yo mouf

hey-zeus:          dunno y
                             u worryin
                             bout me

                             u know
                             whatchu had me fo

                             i handlin
                             my father

mudda:              my God!!!!!



at wedding


hey-zeus:          woman!!!
                             i aint no magician

mudda:              boy
                             u aint gotta tell me
                             what thou art

                             i know who
                             u come from

                             u came outta Me

                             i say we need wine
                             & de angel already tol(d) me

                             how u gotta do
                             ax yo daddy
                             fo summa dat joo-joo

                             & see if him work(s)
                             like him say
                             him do



at table | after cross


mudda:              God.

                             u aint tell me
                             him wud bleed
                             like dat

                             .   dam(n)




cabin in sky

mudda:              after
                             dey kill(t) u

                             folk wud snatch
                             life from mudda(s)
                             in prayer

                             & soil de mudda(s)
                             in dey own crimson
                             & scream(s)
                             & de mudda(s) wud
                             tell dem no   
                             & dont
                             in front of my baby(s)

                             dey wud take de mudda(s)
                             & de baby(s) too

                             & de men who knew
                             what yo face look(d) like
                             in de dark
                             enuf to kiss it


                             dontchu know how many
                             commere wif yo name
                             in dey throat

                             dontchu remember
                             de one time
                             u open(d) de sky
                             & u ax(d) dat one
                             y him yo electric chair

                             dontchu remember how
                             u change(d) him name
                             & way him sword flew

                             open de sky

                             open it!!!

                             & snatch de evil
                             from dey palm(s)

                             turn deez muddafukka(s) paul

                             turn dem all


little red
fo Toni


& when him come mandingo buc(k)
all greasy & blue in de hush

of her befo her give him a piece
of summa dat blow

a min(d) | her tell him
some man rape(d)

some woman her kin to
somewhere one day

& ran saffron
up & down

her | her tell him
her blk not almos(t)

white | her tell him
              dem be razor(s)             not roller(s)

curlin her hair
her tell him her aint a prize

wif a pussy
her tell him

her pussy de prize
her tell him

her need him to be
a winner | her tell him

him has no option
to lose

status 3

as far as i be concern(d)
dem n’em made jee-sus
de 1st transracial mudda- fukka | ever





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About avery r. young

avery r. young
Multidisciplinary artist avery r. young is a Cave Canem alum & 3Arts Awardee who’s written work has appeared in The BreakBeat Poets, American Studies Journal, AIMPrint, Cave Canem Fellows 2010 - 2011 Anthology and other anthologies. His work with language, performance, visual text & sound design has been featured in several exhibitions & on-line publications - notably The Hip Hop Theatre Festival, The Museum of Contemporary Photography and The Logan Center for the Arts. As an artist-in-residence at The University of Chicago, young completed a collection of sound design that will be featured on his first full-length album, booker t. soltreyne: a race rekkid and a collection of concrete poems called "cullud sign(s)." His work celebrates Black American history and culture, all the while pushing boundaries in aesthetics and the spaces language lends itself.