FALL 2013 Work by Kurt Brown, Laurie Stone, Traci Brimhall, David Haynes and more.


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Two Poems by Megan Peak

The Shatter of Birds by Javier Zamora

To My Polish Aunts by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

What I Wish For by Kay Cosgrove

Three Poems by Purvi Shah

The End of Labor by Al Maginnes

Three Poems by David Winter 

Self Portrait as Teenaged Boy Beating Swan by Colleen Abel

Two Poems by Danez Smith

The City is a Body Broken by Natalie Scenters-Zapico

Harbingers by Tory Adkisson

Autoimmune by Micaela Mascialino

Barnstormers by Malik Abduh  

Two Poems by Traci Brimhall

The Kiss by Kurt Brown



Could Be Worse by Scott Nadelson

Blue Ribbon by Mollie Ficek

Dean, etc. by Laurie Stone

Red Meat and Booze by Joseph D. Haske

What Keisha Did by David Haynes



The Before Part of What I Do by Jemison Faust

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