Spring 2013


P.J. Williams, A Multimedia Poetry Series with Introduction:  “Radio Transmissions in Morse Code”

Michael Bazzett, “In the Capital”

Jennifer Whitaker, “Something He Did”

Christopher Prewitt, “The King of Lowmansville”

James Allen Hall, “Lie Down Where Their Faces Are” and “The Saw”

Molly Rose Quinn, “Dolorosa”

Raena Shirali, “looking through a telescope at the moon the day neil armstrong died”

William Kelley Woolfitt, “Antiphon for the Office of the Dead” and “After Samson Burns Her Family’s House and Grain-fields”

Laura Sheahen, “Devil Dancer’s Daughter”

Sally Ball, “People of New York”

Justin Bigos, “The Superintendent”

Helwig Brunner, “Echolocation: Aerial Script” and “The City” (Translated by Monika Zobel)

Michael Schmeltzer, “Personal Ad #1 (Pairs Only Matter In Poker)” 

George Kalamaras, “Letter to Phil from Manitou Springs”


Anne Germanacos, “Rosa”

Xenia Taiga, “Spa Care”


“The Hunting Camp” by Aaron Blum

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