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Four Way Books Author Events

Join us for readings by Tina Chang, Brian Komei Dempster, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Rob Schlegel, and C. Dale Young.

See the full schedule

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Sarah Gorham’s Bad Daughter

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Farrah Field’s Wolf and Pilot

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Three Poems by Craig Morgan Teicher



Beckoned by the things you’d go back for but can’t, you push on, dragging the past behind like a vestigial tail, out of use but undeniably a living part of you, the thing, really, by which you define yourself: lizardo, can-kicker, backward-glancer tripping over a ripple in the road…

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Four Way Books Fall Catalog


Fall titles are here! Check them out at the new Four Way Books website, or download a copy of the catalog.

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Fall Readings and Events


Join Four Way Books this fall for readings by Victoria Redel, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Kamilah Aisha Moon, and many more!

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Four Way Books Spring Titles


Four Way Books Spring Titles are here!

Books by Alex Dimitrov, Melissa Ginsburg, Sydney Lea, Allison Benis White, and more. Take a look at

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Four Way Review will be moving into Issue #4 and beyond under new editorial leadership. We are pleased to announce that Ryan Burden will serve as the new Fiction and Managing Editor, and Victoria Lynne McCoy will serve as the new Poetry Editor.  Rachel Marie Patterson and Dara-Lyn Shrager will remain on the masthead as […]

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The Spell of Coming (or Going)

The Spell of Coming (or Going), a book by FWR author Mary Lou Buschi, is now available from Patasola Press.

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Featured in the LA REVIEW OF BOOKS!

“New York City has seen plenty of ruin over the last two decades, from the ash and debris of 9/11 to the flooding and wreckage of Hurricane Sandy. But for over 20 years, Four Way Books has also been building something of its own, a city within a city, something cognizant of—but also impervious to—that ruin…”

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Four Way Review is an electronic literary journal from non-profit, independent literary publisher Four Way Books. Four Way Review publishes poetry and fiction from both established and emerging authors through our open submissions process (which will open with the launch of Issue #1). This year — 2012 — we are celebrating the Review’s inaugural issue […]

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