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Lipochrome by Nathan Poole


It did not go away—as everyone said it would. At nine months Ida was diagnosed with an obscure disorder. It was thought to be caused by an infection in the eyes at birth…

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TWO POEMS by Patrick Rosal


What happens when me and Willie
run into each other on a Wednesday night
in Brooklyn? He asks, “Where we going?”

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ARTWORK by Britton Snyder

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The Landlord by Peace Adzo Medie

Asanka,” sneered Emma’s landlord, his bony frame planted in front of the staircase that led to her apartment. It was dawn and she had just returned from walking with her friend, Martin, to the bus stop. He had tutored her throughout the night, in preparation for the entrance exam that she would take in a week’s time, and she had felt obligated to see him off afterward. But now as she stared into her landlord’s rheumy eyes, she wished she had stayed indoors.

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Singing Backup by Jason Kapcala

“Drinks,” Muzzie says. “You, me, and Chen—a celebration in Dizzy’s memory. Not a drinking party.” He won’t go that far with it—but Kev knows that though he never went to college, never set foot in a frat house, Muzzie holds a pretty clear definition of what a drinking party entails: keg stands and beer pong and at least twenty women. Though it’s his first night back in Pennsylvania after almost ten years, he knows every note Muzzie’s going to play before he ever plays them.

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TWO POEMS by Joy Ladin


Half-empty plane, hot black coffee – it takes so many people
to keep my body soaring.
I must be important, or at least not dead,

and my not being dead must matter, or it wouldn’t be so sunny…

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there are galaxies
above what used to be the soft spots
at the top of our heads

we elongate our necks
at an angle
trying to take in

all that neon-filled fullness
of the light-splattered cosmos

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TWO POEMS by Rachel Eliza Griffiths


I pick you up
& you are a child made of longing
clasped to my neck. Iridescent,
lovely, your inestimable tantrums,
I carry you back & forth
from the underworlds
where your giggles echo,
grow into howls.

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Zero degrees again. Midwest winters confuse loving with not leaving.
Yes we are made of drifts. Yes we are made of degrees on a map of discontent.

[Aluminum breath, breath of absence and alchemy,
Breath of blood history, breath of aromatic bitters]

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TREES by David Lawrence

The log that fell into the river went for a long swim into a hidden country where logs were the dominant culture and the trees wept as they saw their barky cousins floating home.

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BIRTHDAY by Lauren Hilger

On a stone wall, no one around I stole my mom’s mink stole
I stare the doe in the face self-reflection in a lap pool

March, my month, cold I want this to be the last awful
cake white on white of winter

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Reprise by Kathleen Hellen

Reflex. Automatic. My son with that look when I slapped him.
Something in the genes, the violence of pathways reenacting:
biologies of caterwaul of bottle-fights of fists into the wall.

I saw Mother with her twin colossals jug-drunk dancing jigs.

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