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CREATION by Gerardo Pacheco Matus


They made me with bones,
white, yellow, brown & dusty bones,
heavy & hollow, broken & shuttered,

they made me with bones
no one has ever claimed,
bones no one will ever bury…

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Raining this morning & the foothills are dusted
with the gray light that comes with bad weather.
Even through the water’s falling sound
the train makes itself heard across the city
like church bells at midnight…

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DEAR MISS GONE by Ben Purkert

I’m hardly alone— like most men, I’ll gaze at anything to avoid looking inward. Like a stream reflects what surrounds but never the face of itself. I mean force, I mean— forget it. Let’s cast ourselves into a pond: a still surface standing forever without a break. Let’s freeze at the tipping point when you […]

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HOW I by Melissa Stein

Stupidly. Like a dog, like drought flood, like a vole the hawk lifts screaming to its first and last panoramic. Each want sired want and I was drowning in it— but kept my head just enough above the choking to choke more. A dog, I said, or rat pressing lever unto death. May we all […]

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