Three Poems by Melissa Ginsburg


Not being stupid
I took what was offered: the job
was waiting and I did it
with sand and mirrors, in glitter
while I paced. I waited, I fell
in love with waiting …

Two Poems by Yona Harvey

I hesitate invoking that      doubled emptiness: open—
my daughter’s mouth      in the bathroom mirror—
not her first vanity      but first blood inkling
she tastes & smoothes      with her tongue.

Foul Mouth by Devin Murphy

For the last hundred miles, Brooks’ ten-year-old son, Adler, had been yelling profanities out the window. It started during a break from driving. To stretch their legs they jogged down a rural road along the wire fence separating the pavement from endless rolling hills of grazing land.

Three Poems by Craig Morgan Teicher


Beckoned by the things you’d go back for but can’t, you push on, dragging the past behind like a vestigial tail, out of use but undeniably a living part of you, the thing, really, by which you define yourself: lizardo, can-kicker, backward-glancer tripping over a ripple in the road…